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Announcing Accidental Art

This week we launched Accidental Art, an official project of World Design Capital Cape Town 2014. Sponsored by Nando's, this public art project's core concept is to "take art outside" – making art accessible to a wider audience and celebrating Nando’s ongoing involvement and investment in local art.

Artworks are scaled to architectural proportions and applied to prominent urban surfaces such as street furniture, pavements, walkways and walls, in mediums such as ceramic tiles, painted road surfaces and graffiti-style mural. In essence, the city's urban structures and spaces are used as the gallery space and canvas.

The project aims to draw attention to creativity and the way in which we use the urban environment; encouraging passersby and Nando's patrons to think, reflect and communicate - to engage with the art itself, the artists and city spaces in which we live and work. Besides supporting the expression of creative thought, the project will inject new life into the public realm by beautifying and improving the urban environment.

To launch Accidental Art at the beginning of July, we staged a temporary art intervention as a teaser of the permanent artworks to come. This took the form of a multi-coloured chalk walkway across Long Street, just outside the Nando's restaurant. The week commencing 7th July sees the installation of a permanent work by Xolile Mtakatya at the same site. Following in August is a second permanent installation by Liza Grobler at Nando's Kloof Street.

As the project also serves as an acknowledgment of the successful, long-term partnerships between Nando's and the local art industry, it is apt that the featured artists of the launch pieces are Xolile Mtakatya and Liza Grobler. Both artists are established, mid career professionals who have made prolific contributions to the Nando's Art Collection (which currently totals at over 7500 pieces), and whose careers have greatly benefited from Nando's support.

Note these installation details to avoid missing any of the action:

7th-14th July | Mural at Nando's Long Street

Original artwork by Xolile Mtakatya
Mural execution by Colossal Media

4th – 25th August | Half Square panel at Nando's Kloof Street

Design by Liza Grobler
Half Square production by Yellowwoods Ceramic Studio

- - -

Accidental Art is an official project of the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 programme (#WDC522) and is currently featured on Between 10 and 5.

The bigger picture, Nando's Art Initiative, is also an official project of the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 programme (#WDC351).

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