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Half Square Artist Profile: Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo is a South African textile and knitwear designer, whose work has received numerous accolades and media attention in recent years. His designs are inspired by his Xhosa heritage; informed by traditional African beadwork patterns and incorporating locally sourced materials like mohair.

Ngxokolo's talent for colour and pattern made for an irresistible Half Square opportunity; in turn offering Ngxokolo - no stranger to creative collaborations - another platform for exercising his creative muscle.

In contrast to the painterly, more abstracted approach employed by some of the other artists, Ngoxokolo's design was very specifically and purposefully devised for the triangular, modular units, even taking into consideration the thin dividing lines of black grout. This allowed a swift and seamless assembling of the tiles in the production studio.

The primary challenge for the ceramic studio was the colour matching of the design through glazing experiments. Ngxokolo's piece is deceptively harmonious - hiding a complex and relatively large colour range which incorporates 33 different colours grouped into three-tone, interlocking patterns. This sophisticated play with pattern and colour resulted in something spectacular.

Ngxokolo's panel is currently on display at Robert Sherwood Design.


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