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Half Square Artist Profile: Swain Hoogervorst

Swain Hoogervorst is an up and coming South African painter dedicated to the technical aspects of oil painting - the process of painting itself - in his explorations of subject matter sourced from his own photographs and found material.

His Half Square panel was displayed as part of his solo exhibition Inside Out , and based on one of the exhibition's oil paintings, Reflection (2014). This presented our ceramic studio with a different challenge from the other three panels, in that Hoogervorst's original painting was translated directly to the Half Square format. The team was required to make design choices that reduced brush strokes of oil paint into modular triangles of colour nuances.

Hoogervorst was intrigued by the translation process and how it could affect his treatment of colour and the painting process, explaining:

"I'm especially interested in seeing the way in which the colours will be broken down by the ceramicist to suggest the painting as colour - this is something I am very interested in exploring in my own work as well. Being a part of this process could enable me to explore the way in which I paint, or how I approach painting".

Hoogervorst's panel was first displayed on closing night of his solo exhibition, Inside Out at the AVA Gallery.


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