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Half Square Artist Profile: Doreen Southwood

Doreen Southwood is an award-winning South African artist and fashion designer, and owner of the much-loved boutique MeMeMe, located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Her artwork is usually based on personal experiences within her conservative, middle class, Afrikaans upbringing, and often speaks candidly of her emotions and insecurities.

In her creative practice, she works in a wide variety of media, allowing the concept to dictate the material, while at the same time fastidiously focusing on the specific craft of execution. Half Square presented an opportunity to explore the medium of ceramics as well as the vast colour palette of available glazes.

Southwood titled her Half Square design Immovable, explaining that the creative process allows her to "make visible and immovable some of my fleeting emotions.... as if giving value to emotion that would have been forgotten within time".

She created her design on a paper grid, employing a characteristic colour range of blue tones and nuances, to be matched in our ceramic studio through many glazing trials. The result of such dedicated collaboration is evident in the result, and Southwood says of the process: "It is rare that one finds like-minded people who provide technical input - where both form and concept are considered. This can only bring out the best in both parties".

Southwood's panel is on display at MeMeMe till the end of June.


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