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Half Square Artist Profile: Heather Moore

Heather Moore is a Cape Town based illustrator and designer, and founder of the successful label Skinny laMinx. What started as a bit of a hobby in 2006, turned into a full time creative enterprise that now supplies stores worldwide with her signature textile and homeware designs.

The Half Square team was keen to work with a designer like Moore. They suspected that her work would translate well into a modular, ceramic design - because it focuses on strong colour and pattern, as well as stylised shapes drawn from local flora and fauna.

Moore enjoyed working with our ceramic studio, partly because she recently started ceramics classes and is brand new to what she calls "the marvels of glazing". She was also challenged by the unusual experience of designing both with and without constraints, explaining:

"I've always said that when designing, I prefer to work within clear limitations, as it provides focus for the design process. This project, however, was simultaneously about limits - the relentless half-square grid - AND no limit at all - the dazzlingly endless colour palette on offer".

Moore's panel is on display at Skinny laMinx till 4th June.


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