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Spier Architectural Arts at Joburg Art Fair 2013

Spier will be centre-stage at this year’s FNB Joburg Art Fair. As one of South Africa's most significant and representative corporate collections, the Spier Art Collection can be differentiated and defined as visionary due to its direct impact on the local visual arts industry. With the clear objective of promoting the work of local, contemporary artists, many of the works in the Collection are the result of a number of programmes designed by Spier to intervene, activate and develop the different levels of artistic talent in South Africa.

An exemplary of one such programme, Spier Architectural Arts will be featured in the central atrium of this year's art fair. Two large-scale artworks will be presented by Spier Architectural Arts, including a sculptural mosaic artwork by Gerhard Marx and a handmade ceramic relief panel by Sam Nhlengethwa.

Gerhard Marx (b. 1976) received his MA in Fine Art from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2004, and he lives and works in Johannesburg. Marx is an artist, theatre director, and filmmaker, and has collaborated with a number of like-minded practitioners. In his own practice as a visual artist, Marx works across a number of media, including drawing, printmaking and now mosaic. He has often explored the idea of the broken and collaged image, and his drawings convey a delicacy and attention to fineness of detail that is belied by the massive sculptural works he has made with William Kentridge.

Nhlengethwa (b. 1955) received a fine art diploma from Rorke’s Drift Art Centre in Natal. After graduating he taught part-time at the Federative Union of Black Artists (FUBA) in Johannesburg. Once seen as one of South Africa’s leading resistance artists, Nhlengethwa has adjusted the style and content of his works to explore other themes such as music, specifically jazz and the mechanics of everyday city living. He works with found printed images from posters and magazines to give form to his recollections of township life in South Africa.

Lastly, Spier Wine makers will present their proud history of winemaking in South Africa dating back to 1692 with the full range of award winning wines from the exclusive Spier Bar also located in the central atrium. Included, amongst other ranges, will be 21 Gables, Creative Block and Spier Signature for the enjoyment of fair visitors. The Joburg Art Fair takes place 27 – 29 September 2013 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

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