Spier Architectural Arts

Installing The Wayfarer by Conrad Botes

Spier Architectural Arts are pleased to announce that the site-specific mosaic artwork conceived by Conrad Botes, commissioned for the new Telesure Headquarters in Johannesburg has successfully been installed. Titled ‘The Wayfarer’, the 13-meter high by 6-meter wide mosaic artwork is prominently positioned inside Telesure’s central public atrium, and marks the largest mosaic artwork to date for the Spier Architectural Arts mosaic studio.

Produced by a team of fourteen mosaic artists from Spier Architectural Arts, the 78sqm artwork took eight months (7882 hours) to manufacture. A team of five installation artists spent two weeks at the Johannesburg location to install the 2,8 ton mosaic, built up in 168 panels that was transported to the Telesure site from SAA’s studio in Cape Town.

Installing an artwork 17 meters above the ground was no easy task. 1650kg of glue was used the secure all the mosaic panels in place, and the installation team was kitted out hard hats, harnesses and life lines to ensure a safe environment, working at that height.

The Wayfarer showcases more than 100 colours within the wide range of material including stained ceramic, glazed ceramic, industrial glass, porcelain, smalti, engineered stone, tiles, bricks, limestone, travertine, marble and granite.

See more images of the installation process here. The unveiling of the artwork later in 2013 will coincide with the launch of the Telesure Arts Programme and the official opening of the new premises.


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