SPIER ARCHITECTURAL ARTS is an arm of the Spier Arts Trust, which offers turnkey artistic solutions to architectural needs.

Presently, many architects rely on their own in-house creative solutions to supply artistic input. What Spier Architectural Arts offers is a specialist art orientated team experienced at interfacing with architects to facilitate, create and project-manage the artistic solutions required.

Spier Architectural Arts specialises in collaborative work with fine artists and architects, producing signature artwork in mosaic and ceramics for inclusions in

architectural structures around the world. From the extensive network of artists that we have nurtured we are able to collaborate with specially selected artists and crafters who together, with ourselves, create the energies out of which the concepts are born and executed.

Apart from providing artists with a new medium of expression, they are able to create work on grand scale and in various spatial dimensions. This ancient artform of mosaic has been reinvented as limitless in potential, providing new creative solutions in a range of colours and textures for both internal or external use.

Within Spier Architectural Arts is the Spier Arts Academy. The Academy offers employment-based training in professional mosaic, and as the only one of its kind in South Africa, provides teaching by the best international tutors. This three-year, full-time apprenticeship focuses on mosaic art, but also includes tuition in drawing, ceramics, art history and business skills.

To date, several artworks have been successfully produced and installed both locally and internationally. For more information, dowload our catalogue.